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Music Team Buildings

busy beats develops and realizes musical team buildings. For a strong, successful team.

Send your team on a unique, musical journey of discovery and encourage the most important business skills such as teamwork, empathy and commitment in a playful way.
Profit sustainably from the positive energy of a joint team building event.

We will be happy to advise you personally and tailor your team building event to your wishes.


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Musical Warm up
Musical Warm up

Musical Warm up

Musical team building with body percussion

Our icebreaker clears the way for successful teamwork. Under the professional guidance of a music coach, the participants make music with their own bodies. Sounds are produced by clapping, pounding, snapping and knocking. Rhythms are created and experienced together.

This effective and extremely efficient team-building exercise is suitable for congresses, seminars and conferences. In particularly challenging phases, the musical warm up is also recommended for daily, weekly or monthly use.

Course of Musical Warm up:

  • our coach greets and tunes/prepares the team
  • sound generation with the own body (body percussion) and voice (body music)
  • create rhythms together, make music together, have fun together


  • Relaxes body, mind and soul. Increases the ability to concentrate. Suitable for all group sizes and musical skill levels. Promotes the willingness to communicate and cooperate. All team members are involved.

Number of participants: freely scalable
Duration: approx. 15-30 min.
Skills needed: none
Price: from 500€ net

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The Voice Of Your Company

Musical Team Building with Singing

Singing together - a wonderful team experience. Following the professional direction of a vocal coach, the participants study a song of choice and then perform together.

The team will benefit from this wonderful, unique and motivating experience for a long time.

Course of The Voice Of Your Company:

  • vocal coach greets the team
  • musical warm-up exercises (body percussion, etc.)
  • studying the chosen song
  • break (approx. 15 min)
  • perform song together 

Additional services:

  • advice regarding song selection (in principle any song and genre is possible)
  • recording song/performance
  • video and photo documentary for the entire event


  • Strengthens team cohesion. Promotes the identification with the company, the organization and/or the shared idea. Becomes a long-lasting, positive memory.

Number of participants: up to 300
Duration: approx 2-3 hours
Skills needed: none
Price: from 800€ net

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Beat Unit
Beat Unit

Beat Unit

Musical Team Building with Rhythm

BÄM – our interactive Power Team Building. Under professional guidance, the participants play together in a drum circle and react to rhythms that are spontaneously created.

An impressive drum and percussion ensemble is created in no time at all that releases unexpected energy, has a strong, motivating effect and is incredibly fun.

Course of Beat Unit:

  • the participants are welcomed by a marching band’s performance
  • drum Circle Facilitator (moderator) greets the team
  • rhythmic warm-up exercises (e.g. clapping, stomping, etc.)
  • explanation of the provided instruments (hand drums, congas, djembes, darbukas, timbas, frame drums, shakers etc.)
  • teaching of basic rhythms
  • break (approx. 15 min)
  • start of the Drum Circle – improvising and trying out rhythms
  • by sitting in a circle and drumming together the participants then actively interact with each other


  • Strengthens the team spirit. Promotes communication and cooperation skills and has a strong motivating effect.

Number of participants: up to 150
Duration:: approx 90 minutes
Skills needed: none
Price: from 850€ net 


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Ever thought of having your team building take place in a professional music studio or an authentic live venue? Then busy beats in the House of Music in Berlin's trendy Friedrichshain district is just the place for you.

The House of Music is Berlin's creative hub for musicians and companies from the music industry. The Who is Who of the local and international music scene meets here. Take advantage of our professional infrastructure and enjoy the incomparable spirit of the house.

And best of all we can offer you special rates for this location.

However, if you want to let your teambuilding take place in your office, hotel or any place of your choice, we can make it happen. Inquire now.


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Vocalrecording/Podcast Studio
Premium Rehearsal/Recording Room - Lounge
Gallery View to Hall and Stage
Sofas and Art
Yamaha CP88
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Comfy Music Studios
Premium Rehearsal/Recording Room - Studio view
Premium Rehearsal/Recording Room - Drums and Bass
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About us

busy beats, based in the House of Music in Berlin's trendy district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, has successfully established itself in the team building market since 2013.

Through a comprehensive network of professional and international musicians, songwriters and coaches, we offer all participants of our Team Buildings an effortless access to the world of music - without any previous musical knowledge.

Our team building experts develop customized events that help to recognize, activate and harness the potential of each team. For a strong, successful team.


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